Friday, September 6, 2019

Why I Prefer to Marry Late Essay Example for Free

Why I Prefer to Marry Late Essay For me, marriage is a promise. A promise that we give, without wanting to receive the equivalent reward. Hence, we must have enough ability to maintain this relationship. The salient characteristic of many traditional marriage systems is that women, seem to have little independence, because of education and income. In South Asia, brides are even taken to groom`s family as soon they move into property. In this case, marrying late can provide us opportunities to fulfill and pursue our achievement in education, and therefore have a better social status and income to be financially independent. In addition to be financially independent, this also give us a chance to satisfy ourselves, in accomplishing our goals in lives. And psychologists say that the want for independent success is the main reason why people are marrying at a later time. Besides, marrying late also provides an opportunity to get to know your future companion better. We may often see in the news that many young people get married on impulse, which is, they don’t really get to know each other more. As George Bernard Shaw said, â€Å"Beauty is all very well at first sight; but who ever looks at it when it has been in the house three days?† When two people first met, and they had a crush on each other. In order to show the best of themselves, they tend to hide their drawbacks . However, this lead to a serious problem that they didn’t get to â€Å"know† more about the mate. And as time went by, the drawbacks emerge and they have contradiction in their personality. That`s when young couple decide to get divorced. Nevertheless, marriage is a promise for me, so I`d rather take time to choose the one I love and appreciate his virtue as well as imperfection, rather than presume the one we first met an object to marriage. Because It`s not a game that could be quit when we later on feel tired or bored ,especially when there are children of us. After all, the main function of marriage in most traditional societies is to bring up children. Moreover, because marriage is a promise for me. So I`d choose to marry late so that I could enjoy a free time doing whatever I want, going wherever I like, dating whomever I appreciate without having to care about my husband`s feelings. That`s the time I could broaden my horizons and meet many people  from the opposite sex without a burden. According to the China Daily: â€Å"There`s nothing wrong with a man or woman who is not married by 30. IT`s not about being disrespectful to parents or to social traditions. It`s certainly not a sure sign of pending poor health or psychological problems. â€Å" And according to an article in Helium written by Dawn Hawkins, â€Å"getting married when you are younger doesn`t allow you to grow as a single person quite enough sometimes, there are many things that you learn about yourself such as who you want to be and where you want to go in life as you get older. The older you are , the more chance you have of knowing exactly who you are.† Marriage implies an enormous responsibility, that why marrying late offers the best advantage. And marrying late provide us time to have emotional maturity, that is very crucial in dealing the rigour of married life later. So if you are beyond 36 and still complaining bitterly why a potential mate is yet to notice you, please think it twice. There are many advantages a single life can provide rather than taking a plunge for a wrong reason. Moreover, getting married late means that we could have more tools and resources and not to mention a stable emotion state to back on if the situation would not set well.

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