Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Questions on 4 difrent subjects, each 4 paragraphs Essay

Questions on 4 difrent subjects, each 4 paragraphs - Essay Example This can be done as a dramatic scene/dialogue, or as an assay. If Malcolm X was standing perilously close to a cliff as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Jonathan Edwards walked by arguing about cosmological strategies, both men would stop to talk to the distraught Malcolm. Emerson would talk about if Malcolm committed suicide, he would be in effect killing part of God. Edwards, on the other hand would talk to Malcolm about the fate of hell fire for anyone that committed suicide. Malcolm would come up with different responses for both men. Emerson would go first, explaining that if Malcolm went over the cliff he would never find God. The search for God cannot be found after death, but during life. All of Malcolm’s experiences were trials and blessing that would bring him closer to God. The only thing Malcolm had to do was hear these experiences. Malcolm might reply that all of his experiences have told him the Christian God did not care about him. If Emerson’s views were correct, than Malcolm should jump off the cliff because the nature has related to him God does not exist, or worse does not care about him. After Emerson, Edwards would have to speak quickly to stop Malcolm from jumping. Edwards would speak about an all powerful God that had the power to damn him to hell for suicide. Suicide is the only sin God could not forgive, because the dead could not ask for forgiveness. Then Edwards would talk about the predestination of him and Emerson coming upon him as a sign Malcolm should live. Malcolm might hesitate two seconds before jumping after Edwards’ plea. This whole scenario would never happen due to the inner strength of the African American candidates given for this question. Malcolm X would not listen to Emery or Emerson, because of the differences between the three men. Malcolm would feel like both men as Christians and white men would never understand his point of view. 2- Anne Hutchinson, Mother Ann Lee, Mary Baker Eddy, What do the lives,

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