Wednesday, September 11, 2019

UK Corporate Mergers and Their Implications Essay

UK Corporate Mergers and Their Implications - Essay Example The study has identified multiple HR driven implications of corporate mergers such as downsizing planning, training & development, managing change resistance, deciding optimal human resource portfolio after merger and establishing performance management indicators. It has been found that primary role of HR practitioners would get extension during corporate merger process and for this reason, top level management have started putting more importance to HRD division in order to address HR driven implication of corporate mergers in proper manner. Apart from fulfilling gap in the literature regarding HR driven implication of corporate mergers, the study finding can be used by companies to plan the human resource management strategy during corporate mergers in UK. ... Consideration of research works of Szabla (2007) reveals the fact that although HR practitioners have to play vital during the part of downsizing employee, recruiting new staff, providing training to staff of partner companies which are being important implication of corporate mergers but very few researchers conducted research on the topic in order to understand HR driven implications of corporate mergers. Therefore, aim of the study will be to conduct research human resource implications of corporate mergers and fulfil certain gap in the literature. UK has been selected as location for the research. In such backdrop, following research question has been derived for this research paper. Research Question: What is HR driven implication of corporate mergers in UK? SECTION 2: LITERATURE REVIEW Liveris (2001, p. 19) defined the characteristics of corporate mergers & acquisition as, â€Å"The whole M&A process begins with confidential discussions. What is your company looking to buy? Wh o’s willing to sell? How much will it cost? Is it worth it? These are simple questions on the surface, but they require complex analysis.† In such context, Garavan (2007) and Gallos (2006) pointed out that human resource department works closely with partner organizations on strategic issues throughout corporate merger process such as downsizing of employee in order to decrease operational cost post corporate mergers, manage change resistance from existing workers towards the corporate merger process, recruiting new employees, developing performance management framework post corporate mergers and providing training to employees from partner organization. In UK, human resource departments need to take part in corporate merger process as are covered by the Enterprise Act, 2002, Companies

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