Monday, September 23, 2019

Self introduction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Self introduction - Essay Example It is natural, that I am a kind of typical representative of my nation with its specific interests and activities. To tell you the truth the cultural entertainment is traditionally received much attention in my motherland. As here in America we have the American way of life, so there is the Chinese way of life in China, which is determined by the gymnastics Taiji. My friends and I are those people who were engaged in practicing of sports in the morning parks. And by the way such sportsmen can be also seen then-and-now. Among other activities valuable and adorable by me is Ping-Pong, which is played just in the city streets. No matter which way you look at it, Ping-Pong is our national sport available for everyone. Moreover, it is a really interesting and developing game, for it stimulates such human’s qualities as quick reflexes, concentration, attention and concernment of mastership, as there are many guys able to show various and sundry tricks with rackets at an unimaginable speed. And definitely you have heard about our main amusement of karaoke. You must know, it is our craze, and there are many new karaoke bars, which have been opened recently. So here I am, a practitioner of Taiji, who plays Ping-Pong and likes singing karaoke, as all these choices are still with me in America. Incidentally, my personal example proves the fact that there is less and less time for Taoist slowness and Confucian measured gravity in the life of the modern Chinese. The pace of life increases, and as a result the time allotted for spirituality reduces. Such an acceleration of life is the main mark of the recent years, which may alter the traditional slow Chinese mentality. As for my experience at Greenville High School in Alabama, where I have come for studying after the moving from China, I cannot say that it was easy. The main difficulty for me was total learning in English. Naturally, I was taught the language up to then, but Chinese English pronunciation

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