Friday, September 27, 2019

Consumer website Analysis and Evaluation Project Essay

Consumer website Analysis and Evaluation Project - Essay Example The distinctive position created by the website is that of belonging. The website is an Inferno fans page. It is meant to provide Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace fans with a place to share their experiences and develop more fun. It gives an image of trust, fun, belongingness, identity, and unique community. The name of the website suggests its relationship to the product, but does not sell the idea to those consumers who know nothing about the product. The website is an appreciation society which shows the level of trust the company assumes to have with its consumers, and belongingness it gives its consumers in relation to the product. There is also the link of Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace fans page to Goofans page indicating some identity, and uniqueness, that is, in ‘Tomorrow Corporation’, there is a corporate portfolio; a common practice of developing an appreciation society for their consumers (Inferno Fans Page). The brand image has also been establ ished using the name of the product, the use of a celebrity’s name, and its target market. The name of the product, ‘Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace’, has been used to create the fan page, that is, ‘Inferno fans’. ... Little inferno is an indie game and has several competitors including other forms of video games. Examples include; auditorium duet, journey, Alpha trailer, Kentucky Route Zero, Cart Life, Faster Than Light, Zineth, and Hotline Miami (UBM Tech). Little inferno is however, different from other video games based on its principle, and what it is meant to achieve. The developers thought that the pattern of recognition found in most indie games was terrible, and thought of a different idea, where a genuinely great game and a terrifying plot would be underneath the interactive screensavers. It is from this that the virtual fire place was developed. The game was intended to give consumers some heart-warming experience. It is also different because of its simplicity. Other game mechanics are complex and considered terrible (Tach). Leake, Vaccarello and Ginty, note that the most important functions of a brand are to increase information efficiency, create value added benefits, and reduce risk s (18). The brand image created by the website communicates only to the fans of the product, but not to any new consumer who may be interested. There are symbols of fun showing its intent, but there are no welcome images communicated to other people who may wish to join the community or experience what the game offers. Content How the company updates its marketing mix: There is no evidence of any updates on marketing mix, but features show a customizable update system. The website is designed with a ‘News’ section which is used to inform the products consumers of new programs, new applications, new developments, and any changes related to the product. The forum

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