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Nietzxche, Friedrich. On the use and abuse of History for Life Essay

Nietzxche, Friedrich. On the use and abuse of History for Life - Essay Example He was the vizier of the fourth dynasty during the reign of pharaoh Sneferu. Therefore, the writings are assumed to have been written between 2613-2589 B.C. The ancient writers did not specifically put the date of writing of the teachings but they gave the period and the king who reigned at that time. This information is used to determine age and time of the writing. The writing is categorized as wise sayings because they were written to guide the Pharaoh’s children on how they were to live and rule. According to the Egyptians, the writings are teachings which guide them in their daily ventures. The writing of these teachings took place in the Pharaoh’s palace, where their children were being taught. 2. †¦of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. The title in which the above quote falls is creation, though others may group it as commandment. It can be argued to be creation sin ce it comes after Man and Woman have been created. On the other hand, it is said to be a commandment since it is an instruction to the created being on what they should and should not do. The commandment has more weight since it has punishment onto it that if they do not follow they will surely die. It was later found out that disregard of the instruction led to punishment and expulsion out of the garden. Thus, the quote is a command given to Adam and Eve by God in the Garden of Eden after they were created. The quote is found in the Bible, the book of Genesis chapter 2 versus seventeen. The writings were written years later by Moses despite the occurrence of the event in 4004 B.C when creation is believed to have taken place. Moses wrote the book of Genesis and grouped it with four others, naming it the book of Torah. The quote offers teaching to the believers on obedience and signifies the belief in one God to give them orders. The quote is religious due to its nature of involving beings and Supernatural forces. Moses wrote the book while in the desert with the Israelites as they were moving from Egypt into the Promised Land. 3. God created man in his own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them. The quote above is extracted from creation. It justifies the existence of man as not from the natural causes but thoughtfully designed into existence by a Supernatural being. The book was written by Moses while in the desert with his fellow Israelites after running from Egypt, where they had served as slaves. The quote was used by Moses to remind the Israelites that they were created. It is extracted from the books of Moses known as the Torah, specifically the book of Genesis. The Quote was Jewish and is also used in the Christian context among those who believe in creation. The quote was said in the Garden of Eden, where the Bible states to have been the place where God began the creation. The event, therefore, occurred in 4004 B.C , the period in which it is believed the creation took place. It is found in the Bible, from the book of Genesis chapter one versus twenty seven (Genesis 1:27). The quote explains the work carried out in the sixth day of creation to crown the work that took a week; work that made the whole world. It denotes end of the creation act which was creating man. It denoted the end of the creation. The quote is categorized as religious, appreciating the existence of

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