Friday, September 13, 2019

Two discussion questions see below Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Two discussion questions see below - Essay Example In the same country, approximately 1 million truly disadvantaged experience crime first hand (Siegel, 2006). This means that in every three truly disadvantaged people in south Belmont, one of them is more prone to crime than the rest and lack the joy of being a young citizen since he or she has to commit crime for sustenance (Siegel, 2006). To both adolescents and adults, crime among the truly disadvantaged is tremendously painful and there is nobody who does it out of fun but influence from parents, friends or politicians. The truly disadvantaged from families that are violent are likely to suffer from social, behavioral, psychological and academic problems than those brought up in good atmospheres. The best criminology theory to explain the Virginia Tech Massacre would be the Interactionist view of crime. It is according to this view that laws banning murder, rapes, and robbery have political undertones. The conflict view of crime has a few of examples of crimes in the society including police brutality, inadequate childcare and price fixing. This view of crime states that reality does not exist and therefore crimes are termed either as good or evil. The best example for this view of crime is people viewing some films while others cannot because they think they are not appropriate (Siegel, 2006). Criminals condemned under this view of crime in the Virginia Tech Massacre are mostly labeled outcasts because they went against the social consensus and norms. All the three perspective views have good points but I think I would go for the conflict view of crime because I is important to acknowledge the differences between the lower classes compared to the upper class and this is the only perspective that can truly address the problem at

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