Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Business in Literature Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business in Literature - Thesis Example Some people confuse ethics to morality but the two terms are quite different. For instance, Mauss and Gans (155) states that â€Å"the proper attitude toward history should be not moral but ethical.† There is need to identify the role of ethics in the market through the study of various scholarly works written by renowned intellectuals. In the novel The Rise of Silas Lapham, there is an outline of ethical responsibility where Lapham would not sell his depreciated mill property to the English agents brought to him by his former partner and informed the investor about his failing position in the market (Howells 35). This goes contrary to the economic rationality concept of self-interest where a person will only seek their profit maximization. The fulfillment of self-interest will contribute to the common good in the market according to John Stuart Mill; the Mauss theory acknowledges that the market cannot ignore the ethics of self interest in the market. His anthropology is based on the aspect of giving and receiving in the market as a basis for social integration that is important in the economic interactions. Lapharm honest in giving truthful information acknowledges the morality of exchange and interdependence of social relations in the market. Mauss anthropology emphasizes that responsibility is a fundamental con stituent of ethical subjectivity therefore responsibility for other human beings legitimizes economic actions and further stressed by Hans who states that responsibility should be extended around the world in time and space to include all of the future humanity. This is to further the utilitarianism theory in the market. The distribution of economic opportunity does not involve questions of blame and responsibility. Self-sacrifice in the face of economic dilemma leads Silas in an attempt to balance things out so as not to feel in anyone’s debt, he must uphold his image as a self-sufficient, self-made man and this depends on keeping

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