Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Negotiation, Listening and Responding Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Negotiation, Listening and Responding - Essay Example First, I would like to take this credit of bringing up a valid point. Although the service director did not really grant my wish, yet I feel relieved to have said what I wanted to say. Had I not said it all, it would have pinched me from inside and my productivity would have been affected for the worse. By principle, I should not have been scheduled to cover a route on Thursday since it was not in my district. In response to this, the service director also brought up a very valid and reasonable point that routes in my district were being covered by the skippers which was something that did not happen in other districts. Parts of the negotiation that employed ineffective listening and speaking included the occasional noise of the passing trolleys outside the service director’s office which disrupted the conversation. â€Å"The goal of communication between a sender and a receiver is understanding of the message being sent. Anything that interferes with this can be referred to as ‘noise’† (, 2013). Our conversation was frequently disturbed by a call from the GM and from the service managers to the service director. The service director also seemed to be in a hurry probably because the GM had assigned him some urgent task. After the obtainment of message through the visual and auditory channels, it is important to attend to it inside the working memory which can be achieved by focusing on the visual and auditory stimuli (Wolvin, 2012, p. 2).... 2). I believe that his understanding was being impaired by the phone calls. However, I was a bit nervous because the service director was much senior to me not only in rank but also in age. I was the age of his child. My immaturity of age compared to his might have made him feel as if I was having that problem because of lack of my understanding of the gravity of matters. I did not do right by only thinking in my mind that things would be the same as they were before. I had presumed that the service director had decided already and would not reconsider my request; that was wrong. I should have believed as a successful negotiator that both of us were trying to reach an agreement (Guasco and Robinson, 2007, p. 4). One alternative way to conduct this conversation in a manner that would enhance the understanding of the matter for both of us and facilitate effective listening and speaking would be sending an email to the service director discussing the whole problem, and getting a reply f rom him via an email. The advantage of this alternative would be that he would consider my problem thoroughly in free time and think over it deeply before making me a reply. Another advantage would be that I would say everything I wanted to in the email without keeping any thoughts to myself. Another alternative way would be first discussing the issue with the service manager and ask him to convey it to the service director. The advantage of this would be that I would be conveying my message through a proper channel i.e. via service manager. Secondly, since the service manager and the service director are age-fellows, their conversation would not be impaired by

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