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Select one human rights region and analyse the mechanisms for the Essay

Select one human rights region and analyse the mechanisms for the protection of up to two human rights issues. Your should - Essay Example The notion of human rights is an arena which can be associated with the above stated abstract concept4. Human rights are basically rights that are considered to be as intrinsic attributes5 to all the human beings devoid of their nationality, sexual orientation, color of the skin, language as well as other status. All human beings are the entitled to equal rights without any discrimination and the rights are all associated with each other with their independent existence and bearing the attributes of indivisibility6. The universal human rights are rights which are actually exhibited as well as stipulated by the law, by various general principles as well as various other sources of international law7. On the other hand the international human rights are rights which are basically obligations laid down by several governments of nation8 which direct towards acting in certain ways for the purpose of promoting as well as protecting human rights as well as the fundamental freedoms of indivi duals or groups9. 1.2 Human rights violation But despite the establishment of legal framework of human rights and rising concerns there has been mass scale violation of the human rights in different corners of the world10. There lies a basic tension among the philosophy of the human rights and the way in which it is basically understood within the domain of social sciences11 .On an international basis there has been legislation of Human Rights Act of 1998 as well as the European Convention on Human Rights but there has been wide spread violations of human rights12. Human rights violation comes in various forms13 where the individuals are denied of their basic entitlements be it moral, physical or mental. Human rights violation creates a way in which the human beings face treatment as if they are less than human and they do not deserve respect or dignity. The instances of human rights violation include torture, slavery, ethnic discrimination, deprivation from educational facilities a s well as basic amenities of life, rape, enforced sterilization, medical experimentation as well as deliberate starvation. These policies are quite often implemented by the governments which restricts controlled power of the state being an important part of the international law. There are various underlying laws that restricts various crimes against humanity which is the principle of non discrimination and application of certain rights in an universal manner14. 2. Aims and objectives of the paper 2.1 Human Rights region- Emphasis on Latin America Latin America is one of the regions which have encountered rapid human rights violation. In the recent times the major focus may have been on the elections of Mexico, Venezuela as well as United States of America but it has been also seen that there has been almost a slow death of the human rights system of Latin America. In this paper we will be discussing the extra judicial killings as well as the issues of property rights and some other related issues in Latin American countries. The paper will be directing towards critically evaluating the legislation and policy documents which are adopted by the political organs within the region. Discussions will be made on the extent to which there is consistency within various political organs on the human rights issues in the region. The other part will be directing towards analyzing the judicial decisions on the issues of the human

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