Monday, October 7, 2019

Is current uk law relevant , when applied to cloud computin Essay

Is current uk law relevant , when applied to cloud computin - Essay Example void legal responsibility for security of information and endow their clients with full responsibility of retaining safety based on information they upload, the principals of the UK legislation are on the contrary to this. This Data Protection Act provides that anyone with the intention of or responsible for using data has to adhere to data protection principles recommending: fair and lawful use; use for limited, and specifically stated purposes; use in an adequate, relevant and not excessive way; accurate use; data not kept for longer than is absolutely necessary; handled in accordance to the people’s data protection rights; kept safe and secure; and, not transferred outside the UK without adequate protection. In short therefore, this Act ensures that Data controllers are bound by the law to give rights to data subjects, i.e.: the right of access to their personal data; the right to stop information processing techniques that are likely to cause substantial distress or damage; the authority to obstruct auto generated decisions; and the right to object direct marketing by any institution thereof (Data Protection Act, 1998). From a wider perspective, the European Data Protection Law (which also concerned with electronic data), stipulates very stringent controls on the entire steps involved in processing of personal data/ information, and its transfer to anywhere outside European Economic Area. Because of the uncertainties over how and where cloud vendor will probably store the uploaded data, there is a lot more potential that need to be put to ensure that customers are in breach of such laws. Therefore, a number of regulations influencing cloud computing are linked to data security. Whatever processes are involved in processing of data, and the consequent location where the data is processed is so critical. Hence, regarding data processing, the European law necessitates that appropriate techniques and organizational measures are actively taken to protect

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