Saturday, October 5, 2019

Requirement Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Requirement Analysis - Essay Example These assumptions are being made for the problem tracking phase for BIA organization considering the various facts and measures collected in requirement elicitation phase. The assumptions made so far regarding the requirements collected are: This involves the operations of the business with regard to the constraints that it receives. BIA is supposed to be well aware of information its stakeholders have provided us about the organization and its financials as well. These are technical issues that are deemed to be affecting the business. Our group is supposed to value their working criteria’s and propose better solution for the problems encountered by BIA because we have selected this approach. These requirements involve the following collected data from BIA stakeholders. Through understanding of the constraints that are at hand, there is need to verify the requirements through the use problem tracking system that is viable to the business needs. All the requirements are verified on base of cross checking of their recorded illustrations. Further a details analysis is being done through their website and other case studies for exactness of collected data. Our group discussed the whole information gathered and performed analysis on the collected facts individually and then this data is merged together. All the gathered requirements are validated on the following results proposed by understanding overall working of BIA. Owing to the results gathered by detail analysis and information gathering from key stake holders the following solutions are proposed for the organization for more effective going of this

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