Friday, November 1, 2019

Brief the UK company on business and national cultural norms in the Assignment

Brief the UK company on business and national cultural norms in the host country - Assignment Example Within an organization, the way how members interconnect, plan and make choices is largely influenced by beliefs, rules of conduct, attitudes, values and norms. Every organization has its own norms, customs, values, expectations and cultures that effect the interaction or behavior of the employees towards administration, associates, colleagues and collaboration between one another to achieve organizational goals. Norms are guidelines set by organizations to workers to be recognized and help them to accomplish its objectives. Members of the organization are directed to learn and follow various proceedings that occur at work and answer to them that expose businesses guiding norms and values (Gannon and Pillai, 2010) There are number of aspects that effect business success and offer its more development and growth. Business activity is directly affected by the values people follow and culture is demonstrated as the edge where certain set of values work. Values, beliefs and attitudes that are occasionally donated to as â€Å"Culture†, has an unchallengeable role in human actions and growth. It appears that in order to contribute in nation’s economic wealth and happiness, there must be a certain set of moral codes and values that assist in doing business (Chang, 2006). Certainly, values play the chief role in decision-building, as they direct attitude to one condition or another. Business success can be influenced by the values of individuals, their attitudes and principles as these features direct their action and behavior. Cultural elements have an important influence on the growth of business. Each society has its own elements of culture (Czinkota and Ronkainen, 2007). These factors of culture are demonstrated through: verbal, Nonverbal, religion, Language, manners, actions, education, aesthetics, social society and material elements. Adjustment of these essentials for an international company governs on its degree in

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