Friday, October 18, 2019

Responses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Responses - Essay Example author feels that following the earthquake and tsunami damages on the nuclear plants in Japan, there has been power deficit of about 1.1 to 1.3 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day experienced in the country (243-245). The author is of the opinion that the tsunami and the earthquake attacks were immense on the Fukushima but still, there was no big impact on humans and the environment. He therefore feels that nuclear energy is the best form of energy. However, I think the damage was less because the power station was a long way from the epicenter and it was also well away from major population centers. Moreover, the population stayed calm and the wind blew across the Pacific during the worst radiation leaks implying that the author may be dishonest about the risks. According to Johnson, David Brooks explains how business genius George Mitchell fought against all odds and opposition to extract natural gas from shale through the method called fracking (238). Shale gas currently plays a major role in the American natural gas supplies. Fracking mechanism tends to change the energy marketplace because it results into cleaner and cheaper energy source. The author further asserts that the evolution of shale gas has created more than half a million jobs by making companies that rely heavily on natural gas such as Dow Chemical to invest in the U.S instead of abroad. He believes that shale gas has reduced fuel prices and eventually electricity prices and reduced reliant on foreign suppliers. Brooks seem to support fracking by highlighting several benefits accrued from it but I do not think that it is the clean energy America and the world needs. My understanding for the source of energy and clean energy has not changed Jonathan Facelli adds on the voice of the national political agenda of â€Å"energy independence† that was evident in 2008 and attempts to give solution to the way independence can be achieved (Johnson 256). He does not seem to concur with politicians

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