Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Industry Report OR Design of a Performance Essay - 1

Industry Report OR Design of a Performance - Essay Example The improvement is not restricted to any individual employee; a performance management process locates the performance of whole team and ensures versatile improvement. Performance management can reveal the current position and skills of employees and areas where employees need to be developed. The research paper will describe and analyze the performance management system and good business practices of one healthcare organization in UAE, named RAK Hospital. In hospital industry the performance of employees are vital for company’s success. It can ensure good customer satisfaction and create a good image of company. This paper will describe the good business practices of RAK Hospital which is one the reasons for its success. Further, it will recommend the possible solutions which can improve the performance management system in RAK Hospital. ... Office of Personnel Management, n.d.) Performance management is defined as a continuing procedure of communication that is commenced by an employee and his immediate boss. Through performance management an employee can recognize the essential task that the company expects from him and how the task of the employee can contribute to the mission and objectives of the company. Performance management can ensure to improve the performance of employees in case any employee is performing below the desired level of efficiency or replicating similar mistakes (Bacal, 1999). To mange the performance efficiently it requires an understanding of the framework in which the performance management procedure occurs. The performance management procedure must be initiated along with keeping in mind the strategic goals and core values of the company. It is important for any company to select the right employee into the system (Cardy & Et. Al., 2011). The performance management process includes planning, m onitoring, developing, rating and rewarding. Source: (U.S. Office of Personnel Management, n.d.). These five components can make a successful performance management. RAK Hospital RAK is one of the superior hospitals of the Middle East nation UAE. The hospital was established by the joint venture between government of ‘Ras Al Khaimah’ and ‘ETA Star Healthcare’ in Dubai city. ETA Star Healthcare has a medical library in Dubai city and it is active in the business of medicinal, diagnostic and imaging tools. The RAK hospital is sponsored by Arabian Healthcare. The design of the hospital is developed by Eller Becket which is one of the top engineering, interior design and manufacture companies of the US. This hospital provides variety of premium rooms with a capacity of 65 beds,

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