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The American War in Vietnam - 1012 Words

Dominos. One falls then they all fall. People spend hours to set them up, just to watch them all fall in the blink of an eye. This is similar to the theory of what the U.S. believed would happen if one country, Vietnam, was to fall to communism. This is what caused the war between North Vietnam the communist lead government and the anti-communist South (Encyclopedia Britannica1). How does a war relate to a game enjoyed by millions of people all over the world? Just like in a game of dominos, you set them up and watch them fall, the Vietnam War was the same. Vietnam and the countries surrounding it had worked very hard for independence, that they no longer cared how their government was run. But, the U.S. believed that if Vietnam became†¦show more content†¦The Peace accords took place in 1954, and are what ended the French rule, and temporarily divided the country, down the 17th parallel line, to separate the Viet Minh forces from what was left of the French forces. The peac e accords stated that Vietnam would reunite in 1956 after the elections for the new government were held. But, the elections did not happen because the U.S. and South Vietnam did not allow the elections to take place because they were made nervous when they realized that the Viet Minh leaders seemed popular and determined to win (Vietnam War1). And one final important event that changed the course of the Vietnam war occurred on March 29th 1973, when the last of the U.S. troops left, but North Vietnam and South Vietnam did not stop the war, and continued to fight, but the U.S. did not return as explained on CNN Library5. One of the atrocities that took place in this war had a lot to do with the Geurrilla force. The Guerrilla force began their terrorism and assassination of the South officials and functionaries in 1957. The guerrilla force fought through many different forms such as ambush attacks, terrorism, sabotage, night time attacks, harassing the government, police, and security forces with booby traps, mines, raids, kidnappings, and murders as found on Encyclopedia Britannica1. The impact on the civilians in this war was big. The citizans of Vietnam had to put up with this war for over 20 years. There were over 3Show MoreRelatedThe American Of The Vietnam War Essay1872 Words   |  8 PagesMany contemporary American artists address an extensive variety of themes significant to their adopted country while some focus on issues relevant to their country of origin like the subject of war . War has been considered as a major theme, and it’s reality is a great inspiration in writing and has created endless creativity for artists. In particular, the Vietnamese-American artist Dinh Q. Là ª often chooses the subject of the Vietnam war to express his thoughts, concerns, and the message of peaceRead MoreAmerican War And The Vietnam War Essay1714 Words   |  7 PagesSecond World War and the Vietnam War, national unity in the United States and American patriotism began to disintegrate and morph as the nation progressed from the 1940s through the 1970s. During WWII, the United States military fought a foe that the American public, and the world alike, saw as an enemy to the human race, which caused Americans to unify in their efforts to fight in the battle. In contrast, US military actions in Vietnam were not fully backed by the American public or American allies,Read MoreThe American Of The Vietnam War1208 Words   |  5 PagesWhen Penn first sat down with me to tell me his story, he asked if anyone in my family had ever served in a war. I responded by telling him my father was a marine before I was born. â€Å"No, your father is a marine. Once you’re a marine, you’re always a marine,† Penn corrected. Gentle in his demeanor and free with his sense of humor, Penn went on to tell me his story as a veteran of the Vietnam War. Penn graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in business in 1967. He initially tookRead MoreThe American War : The Vietnam War1379 Words   |  6 PagesConsider the Vietnam War, The Cold War, or even the Spanish-American War: it’s safe to assume that the mere mention of these wars evoke some feeling of recognition, whether it resurfaces a rather passionate opinion or an unwelcome flashback to U.S history class. The Philippine-American War illicites a much tamer response, unless, of course, you’re asking a Filipino or a history buff. In fact, the Philippine-American War is often times referred to as ‘The Forgotten War’ for that very reason. DespiteRead MoreVietnam War and American Culture1684 Words   |  7 Pages Vietnam Wars Impact on American Culture Donna Whittle DeVry University Introduction to Humanities I. Introduction and Thesis Statement In the 1960’s America went through many cultural changes. Martin Luther King Jr., a civil rights activist, delivered his famous, â€Å"I have a dream† speech. African Americans were fighting for peace, freedom and equality. The United States was involved in the Vietnam War, committed to anti-communism. African Americans were deployedRead MoreThe Vietnam War On American Society932 Words   |  4 Pagesaccentuating the growing success and power that Vietnam held. America was calm at first as they held the belief that Vietnam would serve as a barrier to communism. Unfortunately, when communism kept spreading, America panicked. American troops were sent into Vietnam and the citizens of America were lied to about the reason for the presence of the troops in Vietnam. The years 1964 to 1975 were characterized by the negative effects of the Vietnam war on American society and how they heightened social, politicalRead MoreThe American Civil War And The Vietnam War1561 Words   |  7 Pagesnever, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter. The statesman who yields to war fever must realize that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events.† - Sir Winston Churchill. Throughout history, men have fought battles to protect and serve for their country. Some men become injured at war and others don t get toRead MoreAmerican History: The Vietnam War1670 Words   |  7 Pagesof the American Independent Party. The candidates did not know it at the time, but they would become part of the Presidential Election that would help shape American Politics to what they are today. The election of Richard Nixon in 1968 marked a turning point in the American political ideology, ultimately sparking a conservative revolution that would last the better part of the next 24 years. 1968 was one of the most chaotic and violent years in American history. The Vietnam War was beingRead MoreAmerican Involvement in the Vietnam War1078 Words   |  5 Pagesinternational affairs. In this particular case communism in Vietnam was the flame that leered American bugs in, not knowing that they would be brutally burned by communism in the end. From 1953 to 1961, all the initial decisions involving Vietnam were made by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who once served as the Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe as well as the first Supreme Commander of NATO. Thus, Eisenhower was very knowledgeable about war issues and was prepared to tackle pending conflictsRead MoreAmerican Culture : The Vietnam War2157 Words   |  9 Pages1102 February 22, 2015 The Vietnam War On February 28th 1991 after the speedy 100-hour ground war against Iraqi troops, George W Bush proclaimed proudly: â€Å"By God, we’ve kicked the Vietnam Syndrome once and for all† The fall of Saigon had not marked the end of the Vietnam as Bush accurately conceded to the people, the repercussions of the war can still be seen today in American culture, it has sustained through the Vietnam veterans, as the basis for the support of anti-war precedencies, and morphed

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