Sunday, August 18, 2019

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In today’s time, media has impacted everyone in the society. The entertainment world shows everything there is to consider in our present time. Whether it is good or bad, it is expected to be seen in the movies, TV shows and advertisements. Today, sexual scenes and pornography are just some of what entice young viewers to explore their sexuality. These are often related to sexual behaviors, in which are frequently very risky to both actors and viewers. The technological advancement that we have today creates ways for people to further discover their sexuality. Video cameras and Internet has come hand in hand in performing dangerous sexual acts. Nowadays, young teenagers view sexual behavior in association of pornography. In relation to the Health Belief Model, teenagers often perceive risky sexual behavior as â€Å"normal† part of puberty. They perceive sexual activity as a reward as being a teenager. Risky sexual acts are perceived as a â€Å"feel good, must have† idea. Teenagers see the benefits of being accepted in the crowd, and feeling like grown-ups. They often do not see the negative consequences of the action, due to what is repeatedly shown in media. And because of that, the Social Cognitive Theory shows that risky sexual behavior is affected by the individual’s beliefs and the environmental factors. Of course, self-efficacy plays a big role to allow teenagers to perform such risky behaviors. Another model that applies to risky sexual behavior is the Theory of Planned Behavior. Due to normative beliefs of teenagers that the society welcomes sexual performance, they think that they should perform similarly. As well as the perceived control of action, teenagers believe that as a teen, they are in the stage of exploring ... ...Behavior. In our modern times, we can hardly find someone who does not know about pornography. Our sexuality in this advance age has become easy to experiment and manipulate. As sexual beings, we have mainly focused on our benefits from pornography. We have disregarded the different results that could be caused by it. Though we have seen pictures and heard stories regarding violence and assaults, we continue to our patronage to these industries. The next time we search for porn, maybe we should first think about the people in the explicit pictures and obscene videos. Do we know if the pleasure we are getting from the videos as satisfying for them? Are they making pornographic films for pleasure? Or are they forced to be part of this industry in order to survive a living? Perhaps, we have only set out our eyes on what is only seen and not on what is behind it.

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