Thursday, August 1, 2019

Big Issue – Interview

How has Big Issue evolved over the years and has It been able to stay true to its Orlando/core values? Franchise Idea 0 less rigor; social entrepreneurs go around the world Message has gone out self help / working with people In the margin Core values have been consistent throughout the years 2.How did you come to be involved in Big Issue? Were you recruited or did you seek it out? Curious to understand the organizational fit. Recruited Brought considerable experience in the commercial area 0 capable of expanding businesses Stephen brought strategy and focus to a very commercial chancy proposition Walk the talk / communicate core values and principles 3. Does a charity like yours actively think about a AS analysis, like any other corporation?Running a charity is the same as running a business Charities need an operational framework in order to evolve and deliver objectives However, they are not always In control of all elements of the AS as It Is a lively organization totally reliant on the success of the people 4. How much of the current structure is a direct result of the AS actions that your management team has taken? It Is However, some elements are not a direct result of the AS In order to get money from trusts, the environment dictates that you need to evidence what you have done There are requirements of the world that often override an Internal AS framework 5.Are you happy with the current structure and how would you like to see Big Issue's AS evolve? Need some people on the ground as they are currently understaffed 6. Strategy: What is Big Issue trying to achieve? Medal brand (education) Brokerage strategy Make a meaningful impact on the lives of people who are socially and financially excluded Solution C] for what is going on in society 7. Skills / Style / Staffing: What are your selection criteria for vendors?Skills: Big Issue: IT, HER, infrastructure, journalists, write, advertise C] enterprise Vendors: focused Style: Belief in the mission 0 unifyin g Shared belief in what we are here to do Tough parent / caring / listening 0 stick with standards Realism and good customer service Staffing: Big Issue: 75 people Ruinations / IT / HER); charity (25) Vendor population of 2,000 (need 30 people @ less than ?ask a year to help manage he vendors) Struggle to get support 0 efficient model 0 need more people on the ground 8.Systems / Structure: How you do you support Big Issue vendors? They have a badge process, which is time limited and requires vendors to check in regularly At every check point, a new badge is issued to the vendor This facilitates performance managing 9. Shared Values: How would you describe the vendor community Vendor community: code of conduct; see value of the choice they make to change 0 this can unify However, there is no defined agenda; not faith based; prepared to put something in

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