Monday, July 29, 2019

Why the consumer should buy BMW Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Why the consumer should buy BMW - Essay Example Furthermore, the essay will also argue as to why consumers will prefer buying BMW over other luxury cars. BMW’s innovations and performances in the segment of luxury car have acquired the repute of ‘the Ultimate Driving Machine’ from its numerous loyal customers. Automobiles are subjected to make regular and proper maintenance in order to ensure long life of the vehicle. However, maintenance costs of the vehicle are not for free and generally appear with a considerable price. Annually, it may cost approximately US $500 in maintenance for most of the luxury cars in the initial stages. However, at the later stages, a consumer may require to incur huge expenses due to massive changes in the machinery parts of the vehicle (BMW of North America, LLC, â€Å"Owners†). In relation to the operational performances, it has been viewed that BMW offers free maintenance of its vehicles to its customers for a period of four years. In fact, more than US $2,000 can be saved relating to the maintenance costs in contrast with other luxury cars. Furthermore, the company provides much assistance to its customers by offering roadside support without any additional costs for the initial 4 years.

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